Mother’s Day 2024: Shopping & Spending in Numbers

Did you know, that approximately around 122 million phone calls are made on Mother’s Day in the United States. What an amazing statistics!
Mother’s Day is truly the day when you can express all your love and gratitude to your mom through thoughtful gifting, heartwarming words, and family time together.
It’s no wonder, that Mother’s Day is the most popular shopping event in the entire Spring season. Over 45% of U.S. adults are planning to celebrate Mother’s Day, and 60% of them saying that Mother’s Day is the most significant holiday! It makes it even more popular than Easter, Memorial Day and graduation. Want to know how? Let’s see some numbers!

Top 10 Gift Idea Categories for Mother’s Day 2024

As expected, the most popular gift on Mother’s Day still is flowers. Read our tips & hacks how to save on Mother’s Day Flowers before here. Each year statistics are slightly different, but in general, from 55% to 75% of people prefers to buy flowers and bouquets for their mother’s. But let’s not forget about other categories. The most demanding gift ideas are:

Top Shopping Destinations for Mother’s Day Gifts

For many years, the top choice where to buy Mother’s Day gifts for Americans – are department stores. Wide selection of all the categories above, plus many more – and all for discounted prices. As the Mother’s Day coming closer, those stores announce sales and coupon codes for extra saving. We recommend you to start with retailers we selected for you below. Compare options and prices, and make your final decision based on solid research.

● Department stores – 41% (Macy’s, Kohl’s, Walmart, Target, Best Buy)
● Flower stores –  32% (Flora2000, Urban Steams,, BloomsyBox )
● Grocery stores – 23% (ezCater, Kroger, Costco)
● Discount stores – 21% (Dollar Tree, T.J. Maxx)
● Health and beauty stores – 14% (MAC Cosmetics, Estee Lauder, Sephora, The Ordinary)
● Home goods stores – 13% (Pottery Barn, Walmart, WayFair)
● Jewelry stores: 14% (Swarovski, Nordstrom, Kate Spade Outlet)
● Fashion boutiques – 12% (Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, ShopBop, Banana Republic, Gap, Marc Jacobs)

Up to 75% Off: Mother’s Day 2024 Gift Guide

For those of you, who’s limited in budget, but still wants to create an unforgettable celebration, we at created a special Mother’s Day Gift Ideas promo page with amazing verity of discounted products, limited deals, and of course – coupon codes. Visit our website to see some valuable insights and get some fresh ideas on what to gift to your mom.

Top Mother’s Day Plan: The Best Activities

Aside from the gifts, there are traditional activities that you can have with your mom. According to recent NRF statistics, here are some of the most popular activities you can do together:

  • Gift giving – 46%
  • Giving her flowers – 43%
  • Taking them out to a restaurant – 41%
  • Cooking a home-made meal – 31%
  • Spending time together, doing activities –  28%
  • Gifting an experience or spa day – 15%
  • Doing a chore or other housework – 14%
  • Looking after ids or grandkids for them – 11%
  • Giving to a charitable cause in their name – 8%

Mother’s Day Expecting Spending for 2024

As you can see on a diagram above, an average spending on Mother’s Day gift giving is increasing each year. On 2019 in was approximately $169, 2020 – $205, 2021 – $221, 2022 – $246, 2023 – $274. According to this information, we expect the average spending on Mother’s Day gifts in 2024 to reach $295 – $316. But if you’re limited in budget – don’t worry! The most important thing is to show your mom the attention she deserves. Visit our Ultimate Mother’s Day 2024 Gift Guide Blog post to see some good options for less than $100!


No matter how you decide to celebrate this Mother’s Day, the most important thing to remember – is that you have each other. Our biggest hope to help you get inspired to choose the perfect gift for your super mom. Couponx Team wish you the most delightful Mother’s Day celebration!

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