Top 10 Tips & Hacks to Save Money on Mother’s Day Flowers!

Looking to make Mother’s Day extra special without breaking the bank? Our top 10 tips and hacks will help you save money on beautiful flowers for mom! From comparing prices at different florists to choosing pickup instead of delivery, or getting seasonal flowers and DIY arrangements for budget-friendly blooms – we cover all angles to help you save on flowers and bouquets. We at Couponx Blog gathered for you some good hacks, exclusive promotions, coupon codes, and cost-saving tips! With these strategies, you can show your love and appreciation for mom without overspending.

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1. Shop Early Before Prices Rise Up

Prices tend to rise as Mother’s Day approaches, so shopping early can often get you better deals. Retailers may offer discounts or promotions for early purchases. Pick the date you need, but make order as soon as possible to avoid last-minute shopping.

2. Consider Buying Potted Plants

Instead of traditional cut flowers, consider purchasing potted plants as a thoughtful alternative for Mother’s Day. Potted plants not only last longer than cut flowers but also have the potential to thrive for months or even years with proper care, serving as a lasting reminder of your love and appreciation. Additionally, potted plants are often more cost-effective in the long run, as they can continue to grow and flourish over time, providing ongoing beauty and enjoyment.

3. Compare Prices from Different Florists

Before purchasing Mother’s Day flowers, take the time to compare prices from multiple florists. Check both online retailers and local shops to find the best deals. Look for special promotions, discounts, or coupon codes that can help you save money on your purchase. By comparing prices, you can ensure that you’re getting the most value for your money and potentially find a great deal on a beautiful bouquet for your mom.

4. Choose Seasonal Flowers and Arrangements

Buying seasonal flowers and arrangements can not only save you money but also ensure freshness and availability. Seasonal blooms are often more affordable than out-of-season varieties and can be sourced locally, reducing costs associated with transportation. In late April and mid-May, you can find a variety of beautiful flowers that are in season, which includes: Tulips, Daffodils, Lilacs, Peonies, Hyacinths, and more.

5. Use Special Promotions and Coupons

Many online flower retailers offer special deals and discounts, especially leading up to holidays like Mother’s Day. It’s hard to keep up with the dynamic world of coupons and deals, so we got your back. Look through some deals and code we prepared for you.
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6. Create DIY Flower Arrangements

Consider making your own flower arrangements for Mother’s Day to save money and add a personal touch. Visit your local flower market or grocery store to select fresh blooms in your mom’s favorite colors or varieties. With some basic floral supplies like vases, floral foam, and shears, you can create beautiful arrangements tailored to your mom’s preferences. You can purchase any necessary accessories for your DIY Bouquet in the nearest department store, like a Walmart. DIY flower arrangements allow you to get creative and customize the design while saving on the cost of professional florist services.

7. Choose Smaller Bouquets or Single Stems

Instead of spending all your money on large, extravagant bouquets, consider opting for smaller arrangements or single stems for Mother’s Day. Smaller bouquets can be just as impactful and beautiful while being more budget-friendly. Single stems of premium flowers like roses or lilies can make a stunning statement on their own, allowing you to focus on quality over quantity.

8. Shop at Local Flower Markets or Farmers’ Markets

Explore your local flower markets or farmers’ markets to find fresh and affordable blooms for Mother’s Day. These markets often offer a diverse selection of seasonal flowers directly from local growers, bypassing the markup of traditional florists. You can discover unique and specialty blooms while supporting small-scale farmers and artisans in your area.

9. Opt for Pickup Instead of Delivery

Consider choosing pickup instead of delivery to save on additional costs. Many florists offer the option for customers to pick up their orders directly from the store, eliminating delivery fees. By opting for pickup, you can avoid the expense associated with delivery services while ensuring that your flowers are fresh and carefully handled. It’s a convenient and cost-effective alternative to delivery.

10. Use Cashback or Rewards Programs

Take advantage of cashback or rewards programs offered by credit cards or online shopping platforms when purchasing Mother’s Day flowers. Many credit cards offer cashback rewards or points for purchases made at certain retailers, including florists and flower delivery services. By using a credit card that offers cashback or rewards, you can earn money back or accumulate points that can be redeemed for future purchases. It’s a simple way to maximize savings and get more value out of your flower purchase. For example:
BloomsyBox let you earn special Points with every order. Use your Points to redeem a discount on your next order.
UrbanStems have a great Reward system where you can earn Points, or get a referral discount for inviting your friends.

Make this Mother’s Day memorable without breaking the bank! With our top 10 tips and hacks, you can find affordable delivery options, compare prices, and utilize promotions to save money on beautiful flowers for mom. Visit Couponx Blog for exclusive deals and make this Mother’s Day one to remember!

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