9 Affordable And Thoughtful Gifts Every Kid Would Love To Play

When it comes to gifting kids everyone runs to the toys section, as it covers almost everything that a kid loves and wants. Toys keep changing every season so no matter how many toys they already have you can be assured they won’t have the latest one in the market. This makes you think that you are sorted with a gift. Truth be told no matter how many toys you give a kid it’s gonna be less. It’s important that the toy you give them is thoughtful and would remind them of you whenever they play with it or use it.

Our list of 9 affordable and thoughtful gifts for children below 12 is what is you need to become the best and coolest person in the kid’s world:

1. Gift them a Reminisce Top Loading Shadow Box to collect all the memories you create together.

Shadow Box Display Case
Shadow Box Display Case

A box of memories ( saving ticket stubs). He or she can store all the tickets stubs you have visited or shows/movies you watched together. Gathering memories of all the great things you did together. They have six color options to choose from.

You can get this on Amazon for $19.99.

2. Gift them a VTech Kidizoom Duo Selfie Camera

Vtech Duo Selfie

A picture says a thousand words and can also get a thousand likes!! Get them ready to be the next big influencer. This durable camera is easy to use with a front and rear facing the camera. They can also make videos and play games. It has a parental control setting to limit the number of games so you won’t be blamed for spoiling them. It has 256 MB of built-in memory and can be expanded with a memory card, comes in three colors.

You can get this on Amazon for $49.99.

3. Help them discover the artist in them by gifting them Crayola Light-up Tracing Pad

Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad Pink

The tracing pad comes with coloring board, graphite pencil, 12 short colored pencils, 10 tracing sheets, and 10 blank sheets. They will be hooked to tracing from the hundred traceable images, or add some of their own creations. With the LED drawing tablet they won’t stop even in the dark. It comes in three colors.

You can get this on Amazon for $17.52.

4. Encourage the explorer in them by introducing them to National Geographic Geode Kit

National Geographic Break Open 10 Premium Geodes
National Geographic Break Open Premium Geodes

It will help them learn about earth sciences with the help of the ten high-quality crystal-filled geodes which they will discover when they break them open. It comes with a learning guide to answer all their questions about geodes so you won’t have to worry about being bombarded with questions.

You can get this on Amazon for $24.99.

5. Introduce them to the slime world with Elmer’s Slime Starter Kit

Elmer's Slime Starter Kit
Elmer’s Slime Starter Kit

Let them make their own sparkly slime. The kit includes all that you need to make your slime and will be keep them entertained for hours. It comes with five glitter glue pens to make sure your slime is funky, two bottles of clear school glue, and two bottles of activator solution. You don’t have anything to worry about as Elmer’s glue is nontoxic.

You can get this on Amazon for $8.47.

6. To make sure they move away from technology and play some real sports where ever they are with the help of Champion Sports Anywhere Table Tennis

Champion Sports Anywhere Table Tennis
Champion Sports Anywhere

The set comes with a net post clamp which can be attached to any surface up to 75 inches across and 1.75 inches thick, it also includes two paddles and three balls. It’s light in weight and easy to use.

You can get this on Amazon for $28.48.

7. Teach them to grow plants early on along with feeding their love for Guardian of the Galaxy by gifting them a Chia Pet Groot with seed pack

Chia Pet Groot with Seed Pack
Chia Pet Groot with Seed Pack

This cute little hand made decorative planter comes with a plastic drip tray and chia seed packets for three plantings. The Chia pet collection comes different shapes and sizes including other movie characters, emojis, actors and even presidents.

You can get this on Amazon for $14.58.

8. With so many new options to choose from, we should not forget some classics and introduce them to the Jenga Classic Game

Jenga Classic Game
Jenga Classic Game

A perfect game which includes 54 wooden blocks can be played with a group of friends or alone to check your skill, strategy, and luck!!

You can get this on Amazon for $7.19.

9. Give them a companion in the form of a toy with WowWee Fingerlings

WowWee Fingerlings
WowWee Fingerlings

These cute little interactive baby monkeys come in five colors love to hang onto your fingers. These cute lil monkeys blink their eyes, turn their heads, swing by their tails, blow kisses and talk in money babble. These are sure to keep them entertained.

You can get them on Amazon for $14.97.

We hope you enjoy shopping from the list of gifts we created especially for you. As gifting a kid is not just about a toy if we put our mind to it we can gift them something which is more meaningful and leaves them with a sweet memory forever.

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