Super Savings Alert: A Guide to Old Navy Super Cash Promotion!

Old Navy is a go-to destination for stylish and budget-friendly family fashion. Gap family offers lots of special savings promotions. If you’ve ever received Old Navy Super Cash at checkout and wondered how to use it effectively, this guide will provide a clear understanding of how it works and outline the key rules to maximize your savings.

What is Old Navy Super Cash?

Old Navy Super Cash serves as a loyalty rewards program for both in-store and online customers. It’s designed to appreciate and foster customer loyalty. When you shop during their Super Cash earning period, you accumulate savings rewards in the form of Super Cash, which you can later redeem during designated Old Navy Super Cash redemption periods. Essentially, your shopping earns you dollar-off coupons for future shopping sprees.

You can start earning Super Cash right now, once you register here. Don’t miss out on this opportunity, because Super Cash ends by 17th of September!

How Does Old Navy Super Cash Work?

In simple terms, you will earn $10 Super Cash for every $25 you spend!

When you shop in a store, the cashier will give you a coupon based on how much you spent. If you shop online, you’ll receive it by email within about one day after you buy something. You can save your coupons on your phone in App, so you can use them later when you shop again. You can get up to $60 of Super Cash in one order.

Here’s a detailed table of how mush you can earn in Super Cash with selected amount of purchase.

Super CashPurchase AmountSavings
$25 or more

$10 OFF
$50 or more
$10 OFF*
$20 OFF
$75 or more
$10 OFF*
$20 OFF*
$30 OFF
$100 or more
$10 OFF*
$20 OFF*
$30 OFF*
$40 OFF
$125 or more
$10 OFF*
$20 OFF*
$30 OFF*
$40 OFF*
$50 OFF
$125 – $149.99
$150 or more
$10 OFF*
$20 OFF*
$30 OFF*
$40 OFF*
$50 OFF*
$60 OFF
*Any potential remaining Super Cash value is forfeited

What Are The General Rules Of Super Cash Promotion?


  • You earn Super Cash by making qualifying purchases at Old Navy stores or online during specific earning periods.
  • Super Cash can’t be earned at other Gap Inc. brand stores or clearance centers.
  • Minimum purchase thresholds exclude gift card purchases, costs of packaging, shipping, handling, gift wrap, or taxes.
  • The limit for earning Super Cash is typically $30 per regular transaction in stores and $60 per double-earn transaction in stores, and $50 per transaction online.


  • Super Cash can be redeemed for discounts on qualifying merchandise purchases at Old Navy stores and online during specified redemption periods.
  • Minimum purchase thresholds to redeem Super Cash exclude gift card purchases, costs of packaging, shipping, handling, gift wrap, or taxes.
  • There is a maximum redemption limit of $60 per transaction.
  • Any unused balance of the Super Cash coupon is forfeited.


  • Super Cash coupons are valid for one-time use only and can’t be combined with other offers or discounts (except Gap Inc. credit card holders can redeem up to 3 reward certificates with Super Cash).
  • Super Cash can’t be used to pay off a Gap Inc. credit card account.
  • Super Cash is not valid at other Gap Inc. brand stores or websites or clearance centers.
  • If you return merchandise purchased with Super Cash, the discount will not be refunded.


  • Rewards Program Members can convert unused Super Cash to Rewards points within 30 days of the last day to redeem the Super Cash. Each dollar of the Cash Coupon value converts to 1 Reward Point.

How to Redeem Old Navy Super Cash?

To redeem your Super Cash coupons, you need to follow these 4 simple steps:

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. Choose “Rewards & Offers” from the menu.
  3. You can see your Super Cash codes, rewards balance, and special offers.
  4. Click to use them when you make a purchase.

Here’s a minimum purchase thresholds to redeem Super Cash:

Purchase RangeSuper Cash Earned
$25 – $49.99$10 Super Cash
$50 – $74.99$20 Super Cash*
$75 – $99.99$30 Super Cash*
$100 – $124.99$40 Super Cash*
$125 – $149.99$50 Super Cash*
$150 or more$60 Super Cash*

Keep in mind, that Super Cash cannot be redeemed with any other coupons or Gift Cards. However, Gap Inc. credit card members may redeem up to 3 reward certificates with each Super Cash transaction.

What can I Buy During Super Cash Promotion?

Literally – everything! We gathered for you some popular promotions and categories below to start shopping right away!

Old Navy Super Cash is your golden ticket to affordable fashion adventures. It’s all about shopping smart, earning big, and upgrading your wardrobe without breaking the bank. So, go ahead, seize those Super Cash opportunities, and let your style shine while your wallet stays happy with CouponX Blog!

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