10 Best Instagram Beauty Influencers

Thanks to beauty gurus and makeup artist are life has become a lot easier. These talented makeup and beauty gurus have made our life easy, by giving us amazing makeup tutorials and reviewing newly launched products. We don’t have to worry about what look to go for Halloween or even our every day look. The fact these beauty gurus and makeup artist are all regular people who are sharing their passion for art and makeup design to guide us is more real to us then a celebrity endorsing a product.

To help everyone we have compiled a list of 10 Instagram Beauty gurus and makeup artist who have become a huge part of Instagrams platform to follow in 2019 for some makeup and beauty inspiration.

1. Taylor Edwards – @tayloredwardsmakeupartistry

Taylor EdwardsTaylor is a licensed esthetician from Colorado and also a makeup artist. Her Instagram contains amazing close-up makeup looks, some spooky Halloween makeup ideas and closes up beauty shots. She has over 7k followers with whom she shares beautiful pictures of her and her future husband. Her makeup is inspired by gemstones and seasons.

2. Matt Lukasik – @matty_makeup

Matty MakeupMatt is a male makeup artist who calls himself Lumberjack and is from Philadelphia. Matt has more than 2k followers and is masculine yet feminine. His Instagram contains pictures of his alluring eye makeup designs, with pops of bright colors.

3. Julia – @rosesandmakeup_

JuliaJulia is a 17-year-old makeup artist from Malta. She shares her huge makeup collection and also blogs about beauty, nail art and shares her makeup design with her 1k plus growing Insta family. She also does makeup hauls and swatches which her followers enjoy seeing.

4. Aura – @aurasmakeupbox

AuraAura is a Latina who lives in New York and is a content creator. Aura posts pictures of her bold eye makeup along with her pictures of her makeup purchases. She reviews beauty products and shares coupon codes of her endorsed products. Aura and believes that beauty comes in all shapes and colors and there is no standard for what is beautiful.

5. Maria A Fassrainer – @maryandpalettes

MariaMaria is a three-time award-winning makeup artist from Venezuela, who has been at it since she was 19 years old. One look at the profile and you will be mesmerized by her art. She loves the magic of makeup and believes that it can empower anyone to make them feel capable of great things. She posts impressive full makeup designs to her 150k Insta family. Maria has been nominated at the American Influencer Awards.

6. Nikki Apostolou -@recycledstardust

Nikki ApostolouNikki is a Native American fashion and makeup lover from New York. She is a plus size fashionista who loves to share her favorite beauty looks on Instagram with her 150k followers. Nikki also shares her styled outfits, makeup looks and sponsored posts for the brands she works with.

7. Pakize – @madame_keke

PakizePakize is a lifestyle and beauty blogger from Germany. Her 13.1k followers get to see her makeup collection and beautiful fat lay photos. Her beautiful photos and themes style page is in German but still wants us going back for more.

8. Shaheer Khan -@madeupshaheer

ShaheerShaheer is a Pakistani male makeup artist. He loves experimenting and creating dramatic eye makeup content. He has 17.7k followers who love to see his beautiful close-ups of his bright shadow and bold wing liner. His followers are left amazed by his incredible talent.

9. Katy-@allintheblush

KatyKaty from California is a lip swatcher and dupe finder she is also the founder of All In The Blush a beauty blog for dupes, product reviews, latest beauty launches, and makeup tutorials. Her 101k followers on Instagram get a helpful, professional and informational post of popular and expensive lip shades. She is known to provide dupes ( multiple alternatives) for expensive beauty products.

10. Anastasia-@glamorable

AnastasiaAnastasia is a beauty blogger from Russia who has moved to the US recently. She is passionate about wellness and health along with beauty and makeup. She posts creative flat lays of her makeup and skin care products and writes honest reviews. She has 53.9k Instagram followers with whom she shares her seasonal favorite beauty products too.

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