Unknown Tips To Get Your Favourite Gadgets At Cheapest Price

Gone are the days when you would buy a phone or camera and be happy with its features and use it for years. How the times have changed, where every few months a new smartphone, smart tv or a tablet is launched. By the time you save up enough to buy the new phone or tablet, you had your eyes on a new world have been launched in its place with much better features and of course at a higher price!

Tips To Get Gadgets At Low CostAll most all the gadgets are expensive these days, which make us pay through our noses to get one or plan a perfect savings plan. Some of us wait for the Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale throughout the year to get their hands on a new gadget they have been planning to buy. But unfortunately, even when you are planning to wait it out a year to buy a particular gadget there is no guarantee you will get it with the number of people waiting to buy on those two specific days.

Thanks to some of the e- retailers you don’t have to wait that long anymore. As most of them run regular offers or deals through which you can get yourself a pretty sweet deal on almost any gadget you are planning to buy. All you need to know is what are the deals on the offer and when are those starting at your ready to shop for your new prized possession.

Here is a list of e- retailers that do offer great deals on electronics on particular time frames throughout the year. Now you don’t have to wait to shop for electronics almost throughout the year.

Option 1: Plan your shopping with these e-retailers and save big

1. Amazon

Amazon is a go-to place for almost anything and everything for the entire world. Their Prime Day Sale is what everyone looks forward to every year. If you plan your shopping with the Prime Day Sale you are bound to save a lot of cash on any purchase you make on those two days. Amazon also has everyday deals which you can check on their website and get 30% to 40% off on gadgets. Also if you are an Amazon Prime Member you get early access on Today’s Lightning Deal. It’s a sure way of saving on your electronic purchases.

2. Smarter

Smarter is the best place to buy mobiles, devices at a smarter price. They have a Clearance Section on the site. You will find a lot of deals under that. Choose the device which suits you and get it at the best price. Generally, they provide offers for 365 days. If you are looking for a specific device, check out the site regularly. They provide additional discounts during the Thanksgiving Day and Summer Sale.

3. eBay

eBay is mostly known to sell used or pre-owned products but they do sell new products directly from the seller too. Unlike other e-commerce websites, eBay doesn’t have any specific sale period to offer to their customers, but they too have Daily deals through which you can get up to 90% off on selected products.

4. Walmart

Walmart needs to be your new go-to place whenever you plan to buy a new gadget and save big. Other than the yearly Black Friday Sale they have offers running on electronics throughout the year. They have a special dedicated section under savings sections which lets you choose which option you prefer to buy for savings on gadgets from all brands and types.

5. Dell

Dell is known for its pre- Black Friday, Black Friday and Cyber Monday events. Those are the days you need to look out for if your planning to buy a high-end Dell product. The other times Dell offers a discount is right before college starts i.e July/August called the Back to School Sale. They also offer special discounts for employees and military personnel. They have a Deals section which lists deals on all their products. It has recently also started a 72 hour Sale which has great offers on laptops, desktops and more on which you can get an off up to 35% and save big.

6. AliExpress

AliExpress is an e-commerce website like eBay which lets you buy products directly from the sellers. AliExpress has a calendar full of sales each month. Just like every other e-retailer they Back to School sale in August, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas and New Years sales. Their Super Tech Dels in March and AliExpress Anniversary Sale is what you should be looking forward to getting great discounts on those gadgets you were looking to get your hands on. They also have Super Tech Deals in July on all electronics. Other than these deals every month they have Flash Deals every day which will help you save a lot of money.

7. Target

Target recently started their Summer – Target Deal days. The sale would be for two days in July featuring various offers. They regularly offer a Top Deals on electronics. They also have a clearance section which offers some amazing deals.

8. BestBuy

Bestbuy just like other e-retailers has sales on Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday. Though Best Buy is known for its price match policy which can be used throughout the year. They also have Best Buy Deal of the day, 4- Hour Flash Sales, Hottest Deals, Student Discount, and Best Buy Black Friday In July. Yeah, you read the last one right!

Option2: Why buy when you can take a Contract and pay monthly

Contract MobilesNow that you know all the places you can shop for gadgets throughout the year and still save, let’s introduce you to one more way of saving on ever-changing electronics. Do you get all excited when a new smartphone is launched but your dreams crash when you hear the price? Is a sad scenario but happens to almost all of us every few months when a new iPhone is launched or a Samsung.

The best possible way you can get a new phone as soon as it’s launched at a lesser price is if you take a phone contract through your mobile operator. Almost all of the network operators have the contract option on the new iPhone or Samsung on their rental plans. The best plans could be found on AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon. You can choose a plan according to your budget and own your new smartphone instantly.

Option3: Refurbished/Used

Refurbished GadgetsSo you have been browsing all the websites now and have come across some great deals but have been hesitant cause you read the refurbished under the deal? So you scroll right across the deal even if it’s right in your budget and helping you save. It’s true that refurbished could be a faulty piece but that’s not the case all the time. Sometimes it’s just a piece which is returned after opening for any reason. As the company cannot sell it as a new product anymore it’s going under refurbished along with a heavy discount.

It’s best if you buy refurbished products from authorized resellers like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Smarter, Target, and AliExpress. They have a section dedicated for refurbished or open-box electronics on their websites which offer great prices, it’s a sure shot way to save on buying an expensive gadget.

The second best option to choose while buying a refurbished product is buying it directly from a manufacturer like Dell and Apple. While buying a refurbished product through them you can be assured that the product is rigorously tested and the device is as good as a new one. Both these companies have a great refurbished policy and give some really sweet deals on their products.

Tip: The points to remember while purchasing a refurbished product are return policy and warranty and your good to go.

Now that you know all the ways you can own a gadget at a lower price and save at the same time, we would also like to inform you of one last way through which you can save while purchasing your new gadget. You can use our Electronics Discount Coupons and Smartphone Discount Coupons through our CouponX which you can use apply to your purchase and get a discount.

We hope you enjoy your new gadget as much as we did finding all the tricks to help you save big on electronics. Please feel free to share these tips with your friends and family and bookmark the article for further reference.

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