Save Big With These Hidden Tips And Tricks While Booking Through Airbnb

Planning your next vacation is the most important task but planning it within your budget is a bigger task. Thanks to Airbnb you can enjoy your holiday in the most beautiful of homes within your budget or spend less than you intended too by getting discounts on your bookings. If you haven’t already used Airbnb this is the right time to start booking your accommodation through them and get discounts and Airbnb coupon codes.

We assure by the end of the read you are going to be planning your next vacation and booking through them.

Here are our Tips and Tricks through which you can avail Discounts and Save Big while booking through Airbnb.

Let’s start with how booking through Airbnb is beneficial for you and how to book for the first time and get $44 off.
Hotel Vs Airbnb

Get Started With Airbnb – Book Now

First and foremost Airbnb lets you stay in people’s apartments and houses while you travel. Which is way cooler than staying in a hotel or a hostel. You get to choose from sharing a room with the host and experience their culture or book a house for yourself. As most of the properties come with a kitchen you can save big on food by cooking at least one meal. Also if your planning to travel in a big group Airbnb is always cheaper and convenient than booking and paying for multiple rooms. Be rest assured that you are going to be saving a lot of money by booking your home away from home while traveling next time.

How To Save On First Time Booking

Airbnb House

Save On First Time Booking With Airbnb

All you need to do now is setup your account on their website by signing up with your email. Once your account is set up and some information about yourself for the host to check out. Your good to go and start checking out some amazing places for your trip now and be ready to get your first booking discount of $32 off for home booking and get $12 off to use towards an experience.

Refer And Save

Tip 1: To get the first discount on your booking all you need to do is ask your friend who uses Airbnb to help you with Airbnb Promo Code. They just need to send you the link via email, a Facebook post or a message. When you click on the link to sign up, your account will be credited with $32 as soon as you book your first stay of over $75 and get $12 off to use towards an experience worth $48 or more. The best part about this is you get a $44 off on your first booking and your friend gets a $24 off on their next booking. So it’s a win-win for both.

Tip 2: Now that you have used your first discount coupon by Airbnb and still want more, start referring friends and earn $24 in credit when they make their first booking for $75 or more. The more you share the more discounts you get!

Tip 3: Your earnings through Airbnb doesn’t end here if one of your friends you recommended becomes a host, you will get a $15 credit when they host their first guest

A Small Hack To Get Discount For Repeated User

Here is a hack if you have already used Airbnb but still want to get the $44 off on your booking. Simply create a new account with a new email address on Airbnb and avail the first time booking discount. Airbnb allows you to have multiple accounts.

All your discounts, vouchers and coupon codes are in your Airbnb profile under the title “Travel Credit”

Planning Long Holiday? – Tips To Save Big

Airbnb Bookings

Plan Your Holiday With Airbnb

If you are planning a long holiday then it’s best to book through Airbnb and save a hefty amount of cash. The longer you plan to stay in a property the host gives you a bigger discount. As it’s convenient for the Host/Owner to let the property be used by one person for a longer time than searching for a new traveler. When you are planning to stay a property for a long duration you have the upper hand at bargaining a better price for yourself.

Tip: While planning to stay at a property for a longer duration, book the property for a few nights and see if it suits you or not. If it does, contact the owner and work out a deal with them for your stay at a better rate.

Once you have found the dream vacation property you would like to book but it seems to be a bit out of your budget all you need to do is ask the Host/Owner for an Airbnb discount. Not many users are aware of the fact that you can contact the Host/Owner before you book their property and ask for a discount. Airbnb allows a Host/Owner to give special Airbnb discount for anyone booking their property.

Tip: While you checking out the property on the Airbnb site or app you will see a button that says “Contact Host” you can message them and ask to offer you a discount.

Tip for those who Books on Last Minute

It’s an old rule to book early so that you get better prices, same goes with Airbnb. The earlier you book the more unique and cheaper Airbnb listings you would get to choose from.

Sometimes if you are lucky and wait to book your stay at the last minute or plan a last-minute trip you might get lucky and find a great property at an affordable price. Sometimes the Host/Owner drops the price if the property is not booked or if they are looking for renting the place for a longer time.

Tip: If you’re planning a trip well in advance you have the option to keep your dates flexible, which in return will help you save more while booking through Airbnb. Prices vary according to the days and times of the year. Check out a few dates and compare prices before booking and save more.

Here is a recap for all the reason you should book through Airbnb the next time your planning your vacation,

  • You get to live in a locals house or apartment and experience the local culture.
  • It’s cheaper to stay at a property booked through Airbnb and save money while traveling.
  • You get a first time discount for booking through Airbnb.
  • You can refer friends and earn credits when they book or host a guest.
  • While traveling with a group you all can live in a big house and still save rather than living in separate rooms at a hotel.
  • You can utilize the kitchen and cook a meal or two which will help you save big on food.
  • Also when you book through Airbnb and stay with someone or their house you are helping them earn as well.
  • Airbnb doesn’t give a student discount you can always contact the host and ask them if they can give you a discount as you are a student.

Now that you know all the tricks and benefits of booking your dream vacation stay through Airbnb and save big, we hope you have started planning your next vacation.

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