Uplift Your Wardrobe With These Colorful LatinX-Owned Fashion Brands

If you love fashion and are always looking out for new brands to support and encourage do check out these Latina or Latino-owned brands that are making a name for themselves. Some of these brands have already made a name for themselves with their unique designs, but there are still a few who need support to carve their way into the mainstream fashion world.

Here is a list of the Top 10 Latino brands that you must include in your wardrobe for their unique affordable and trendy designs while being sustainable and giving back to the community.

1. GRL Collective

GRL Collective is a lifestyle brand for girls founded in 2017 by Kristine Rodriguez. Kristine is volunteering with The Sambhali Trust, a women & girls empowerment program in Jodhpur, India. The GRL Collective donates 20% of our profits to fund girls’ education in India. The designs by GRL Collective are ethical, sustainable, and made with fair-trade practices.

GRL Collective has aesthetically pleasing products that range in apparel, jewelry, handbags, and stationery.

Latina Latina

Actual Price : $40.00
Deal Price: $60.00
SAVE 34%

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2. JZD

JZD is founded by Vero and Jen who are a badass wife duo with no money in their pockets but just a passion for creating products that made Latinos feel represented and connected to their roots. The brand started with just one product the Pink Latina Power Tee on Etsy and has grown into a full-fledged brand. It is now one of the favorite Queer Latina-owned lifestyle brands.

JZD still sells the iconic Pink Latina Power Tee, along with jewelry, apparel, and stationery.


Actual Price : $20.00
Deal Price: $14.50
SAVE 28%

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3. Martin Across

Every piece of Martin Across clothing is exquisitely handcrafted in Ecuador with local materials which shows our relationship with our planet. His designs are inspired by the sediments of layers, and minerals and focus on how we produce and consume modern clothing. His designs and colors also have influenced on his childhood memories of Ecuador and the coasts of Spain.

Martin Across has apparel for men and women.

Martin Across

Actual Price : $150.00
Deal Price: $125.00
SAVE 39%

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4. Simonett

Simonett is a women’s ready-to-wear label that is artfully crafted and designed that will remain wearable even with the changing trends and seasons. The affordable clothing brand is committed to sustainability and transparency which is helmed by Simonett Pereira. Her collection is colorful designs, with statement prints and ambrosial textures for women all over the world.

Simonett has apparel, accessories, shoes, and home objects.


Actual Price : $275.00
Deal Price: $180.00
SAVE 35%

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5. Cuyana

Cuyana was founded by two women a decade ago to create timeless essentials for the modern wardrobe. It’s a women-built, heritage-led brand that wishes to offer a better collection with timeless design, luxurious quality, and sustainability. Their goal is to give women around the world fewer and better wardrobe choices so she doesn’t have to spend time deciding what to wear. All their pieces are made with skilled craftswomen from around the world.

Cuyana offers clothing, small leather goods, and accessories.


Actual Price : $300.00
Deal Price: $248.00
SAVE 19%

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6. Krystal Paniagua

Krystal Paniagua founded by Krystal is a unique brand that makes garments from a yarn of natural fibers made by a community of like-minded people. The brand uses a unique technique that doesn’t require cutting, making the process free from textile waste. Her clothing showcases her Latino identity, along with the places she has lived across the world. All her pieces showcase diversity and the similarities people share around the world.

Krystal Paniagua offers apparel for women.


Actual Price : $450.00
Deal Price: $390.00
SAVE 15%

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7. Gladys Tamez

Gladys Tamez is a brand that makes hats for men and women. The brand was founded when Tamez could not find the perfect hat she was looking for. So, she decided to take matters into her own hands and started designing hats for men and women. Her collection of hats is inspired by historical fashion, sculptures, and art.

Gladys Tamez offers hats for men and women and accessories.

Gladys Tamez

Actual Price : $1665.00
Deal Price: $1420.00
SAVE 10%

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8. Blobb

Sofia Elias founded Blobb which makes handmade rings in Mexico. These one-of-a-kind finger rings are mini sculptures made with different materials. The rings are made with resin that she sculpts and enhances with gems, without using any mold to create the design. All her rings are unique and made in limited series.

Blobb offers finger rings.


Actual Price : $80.00
Deal Price: $65.00
SAVE 20%

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