Top Sam’s Club Membership Deals: How to Get More Discounts for Just $25 a Year

Are you looking for some amazing Sam’s club membership deals? Look no further! Our team of experts has compiled a list of the best deals available right now, so you can save on everything from groceries to electronics. With prices starting at just $5 per item, there’s never been a better time to join Sam’s club. So don’t wait any longer – start saving today!

Sam’s Club has restarted its membership deal that offers first-time members a 50% discount on their first year of membership. With this limited-time offer, you can receive exclusive access to Sam’s Club membership benefits like special events, discounted household goods and groceries, gasoline discounts, Instant Savings, and cash back for just $25.

Here are the Best Sam’s Club Membership Deals in 2023 

Huge Savings On Sam’s Club 40th Birthday

Get a $40 Statement Credit and Over $100 in Offers

(Offer Valid For A Limited Time)

Instantly receive a $40 statement credit. the moment you register an account and spend $40 within 30 days

The Club Membership costs $50

Get started today to save 50% on your club membership. Just $25!

(Offer Valid For A Limited Time)

The Club membership is best for people who are interested in shopping the specific Sam’s Club Merchandise, Dining, and gas services.

Benefits of the Basic Club Membership

  • Together with member-only cheap costs, there are also immediate discounts.
  • Complimentary flat tyre repair, battery testing, and wiper blade installation services through the Sam’s Club tyre and battery center.
  • complimentary membership for a member of the household
  • Added memberships at a reduced rate of $45 per year

The Plus Membership cost $110

Get started today to save $40 Off on your Plus membership. Just $70!

(Offer Valid For A Limited Time)

The Plus membership is best for the customers optical benefits, discounted prescriptions, and annual cashback to assist members to save on necessities.

Benefits of the Plus Membership

For an additional $60 a year, Sam’s Club Plus membership offers the following advantages in addition to the ones offered in the basic Club membership.

  • Up to $500 per year in rewards on eligible Sam’s Club purchases
  • Sam’s Club eligible orders receive free shipping.
  • Special early shopping hours for Plus members Free select medicines and lower prescription costs
  • Free delivery on contact lenses and 20% off any pair of eyeglasses.

Note: Using the Sam’s Club Mastercard, Sam’s Club Plus members can also receive 3% cashback on Sam’s Club purchases, which is more than Club members can.

Best Offers to Avail Discounts Using Sam’s Club Membership:

  • 3% cash back on dining
  • 5% cash back on gas
  • 5% cash back on Sam’s Club purchases
  • 1% cash back on all other transactions
  • 30% Back on Peacock Monthly or Annual subscription
  • 15% Back on DropBox Annual subscription

Can You Share Your Sam’s Club Card?

Sadly, a Sam’s Club card cannot be shared. The Sam’s Club site says that due to security concerns, only the registered member may use a membership card. Members who have added their homes or businesses are also prohibited from sharing their membership cards.

Up to eight new members may be added to your Sam’s Club account under the Club membership for a fee of $45 a year each.

If you acquire a Plus membership, you can also add up to 16 more users to your account for a yearly fee of $45 each.

5% Back For the Plus Members at Sam’s Club

2% for Plus Members + 3% With Sam’s Club Mastercard

Discounts offered with Sam’s Club Membership on Gift Cards

It’s really convenient to receive savings on gift cards when you have a Sam’s Club membership. You can nearly always get gift cards at up to 25% off the face value with members-only prices.

Does Sam’s Club membership renew itself automatically?

Your Sam’s Club membership will automatically be registered in Auto-Renew whether you sign up offline in a store near you or online. Current members will be prompted to sign up for Auto-Renew when they renew or upgrade their membership.

Members can use a saved credit or debit card from their online account to automatically renew their membership using Sam’s Club Auto-Renew.

When you sign up for Auto-Renew, Sam’s Club will email you two weeks prior to the date of your membership renewal to remind you of the impending payment.

Do the following steps to modify or configure the auto-renew settings on  your account:

  1. Log in to your Sam’s Club online account.
  2. Go to “Auto-Renew Settings” under the membership header by selecting “Account Details” after that.
  3. Choose a default payment option by choosing “Add default payment method” to sign up for Auto-Renew. 
  4. Alternatively, you can disable Auto-Renew by unchecking the box next to it.

Is Sam’s Club Open to Visitors Without a Membership?

Signing up for a guest pass will allow you to shop at Sam’s Club without a membership. While allowing non-members to buy at Sam’s Club, the guest pass has a 10% service charge. This service charge is not applicable in South Carolina and California, among other places.

You can also purchase online at if you are not a member. To order online through Sam’s Club’s online store, you must still pay a 10% service charge.

With or without a membership, you can use Instacart to place a grocery-only order from Sam’s Club.
Even though Instacart charges delivery and service fees, same-day delivery on grocery orders from Instacart can help you avoid making a trip to your neighborhood Sam’s Club.

Does Sam’s Club Membership Have a Return Policy?

Sam’s Club offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, which allows you to terminate your membership at any time and get a refund if you’re not happy with it. You can contact the customer service number or go in person to your neighborhood Sam’s Club to cancel your membership.
You can cancel right away by going to the membership desk at your neighborhood club and requesting a refund. You can also cancel your membership and get a refund through eGift Card by calling 1(800) 746-7725 instead.

Membership in Sam’s Club is it worthwhile?

A Sam’s Club membership can help you save money and give you access to member-only perks like cheap prescriptions and optical services if you frequently shop at Sam’s Club. The 10% service charge can, however, come out to be cheaper than the price of a basic membership if you don’t frequently purchase at Sam’s Club.

In the end, purchasing a membership can help you save money on necessities if you frequently purchase food, prescription medications, and household needs from Sam’s Club, especially if you decide to create a Sam’s Club Mastercard.

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