Detailed Comparison – Top Smokeless Firepits

Breeo Stove VS Solo Stove

One of the best outdoor accessories is a smokeless fire pit, and the two most popular brands are Breeo and Solo Stove. Both are frequently used in the backyard, while camping, and at the beach. With their extremely similar prices, choosing between these two top brands requires some mind-grinding. Here we have compared the Solo Stove and Breeo’s essential features to aid with your decision-making.

Are they smoke-free?

Breeo and Solo Stoves efficiently burn wood to produce smokeless fires. The important word in smokeless is “less,” as neither fire pit is smoke-free. Even in ideal circumstances, they will still produce some smoke because the fire is still real. As the fire is starting, the Breeo and Solo Stoves will also emit smoke. Yet, the remaining period will be smoke-free if you’re burning well-seasoned firewood. We found that compared to a regular fire pit, using one of these fire pits will result in substantially less coughing, watery eyes, and shifting of seats. These pits are worthwhile to purchase just for that functionality.

SOLOProduces a little Smoke
BREEOProduces a little Smoke
Image: USA Today

Combustible properties

Both fire pits are made to suck oxygen into the fire, which results in effective burning and speedy wood combustion. The form also makes it simple to ignite a fire quickly with a fire starter like fatwood. The devices’ metal exteriors will likewise become unbearably hot to the touch.
The Breeo can burn wood, charcoal, or wood pellets, which distinguishes it from Solo fire pits. Only wood is burned in the Solo Stove. Although that adaptability is most useful for cooking, hardwood lump charcoal will produce a fire that lasts longer and is less smokey than wood.

SOLOBurns only wood
BREEOAlso Charcoal and Wood pellets
Image: USA Today


While each fire ring can be used on a deck, only the Breeo comes with legs, and the Solo Stove stand is available only separately. Thus, the Breeo may be a better choice if you plan to use your fire pit on a wood deck.

SOLOStand sold seperately
BREEOComes with Legs

Heat Protection

Spark shields are used by Breeo and Solo Stove to help confine them. Solo Stove wins the award for warmth because they provide a heat deflector that conducts heat away from and around the fire.

SOLOComes with a Heat deflector
BREEONo Heat Deflector

Cooking Capabilities

Although woodfire cooking is challenging, it is a lot of fun and yields food with unmatched flavour. Breeo provides the option to use pellets, charcoal, or wood, which is a significant advantage. The well-designed grill, which is available separately, has an adjustable heat control. Make sure to adjust your leg posture before lighting your fire because the Y-Series has a specified position for cooking.

The pizza oven and grill offered by Solo Stove are excellent choices for outdoor cooking. Even though you can buy grill tops for the fire pits, they aren’t a preferred option for cooking. The main reason for this is that you can’t just pull the grills out of the way to add wood or move them up and down to adjust heat.

SOLONo Adjustable Grill
BREEOComes with an Adjustable Grill
Image: The Gear Bunker


When it comes to upkeep, the Breeo and Solo Stove are neck and neck. Just white ash, which is readily emptied out, is left behind by the efficient burn. With the addition of a retractable ashpan, Solo Stove has made cleaning even simpler.

Image: CookOutNews


This concludes our discussion on Breeo vs. Solo Stove. They are both excellent fire pits, but each has advantages and disadvantages. Based on typical use circumstances, these are my recommendations for the best smokeless fire pits.

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