How to Stay in Touch With Loved Ones During Holidays

Distance makes the heart founder is a saying everyone has heard and found true by many. But thanks to technology the distance doesn’t matter anymore as by just a click or a swipe you can connect to your loved ones no matter the distance and have a heartfelt conversation as if you all are sitting in the same room. Now there are many easy ways to keep connected but video calling tops all sort of communication.

Video Conferencing
Video calling has made everyone’s life simpler be it for keeping in touch with your family, friends or even in your work life. Especially in times like today when people all around the world are confined in their homes because of Coronavirus, video calling has been the saving grace for many. Now there are many videos calling apps and services which you can use to connect but the Portal from Facebook seals the deal.
Facebook Portal

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Portal home video calling device lets you connect with your family, friends and co-workers via Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and Workspace. This stress-free video calling device lets you connect with others on their smartphone, computer or a tablet if they don’t have a Portal. There are four different versions of the device with displays which are The Portal Mini with an 8 HD inch display, Portal 10 inch HD display, Portal + 15.6inch HD display and Portal T.V connecting to the biggest screen in your home. These affordable and easy to use devices make video calling more personal and real with the people you care about.
Portal TV

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The best feature of Portal is that you don’t have to squeeze in on the couch for people to fit into a frame during a call. The Smart Camera in Portal automatically widens to keep everyone in view without you having to move an inch to fit in anyone.

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While the second-best feature lets you freely move about the room doing your thing while the camera automatically pans and zooms to keep up with you. Now no more need to be confined on a chair while chatting with your loved ones. Smart Sound enhances the voice of whoever is talking while minimizing the background noise.

It’s not just about video calling with Portal, it can be used for fun things as well as help you out with your daily routine. Here are few of the things you can use the Portal for other than calling.

Portal Mini

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The second-generation Portal has Alexa built-in which takes it a step beyond video calling. With Alexa, you can make calls, control your smart home, listen to your favourite music, podcast or audiobooks, watch the news or make your grocery list all while doing your house chores. Try out new recipes or check out song lyrics and album art with Amazon Music. You can also watch videos or browse the web.


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The Augmented Reality (AR) feature adds a fun element to the device. It helps you being storytime to life with your kids. You can use the AR effects along with music and animation to bring the story to life from any of your children’s favourite storybook. The Portal has a built-in library of free children’s stories for Story Time which can be used while your away or in the same room. Now don’t miss storytime even when your away.

The AR experience can also be used to capture photos, videos in the Photobooth and can be instantly shared on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. It can also be used to play AR games, or perform on a song with the new feature Mic Drop.

When you are not using the portal to stay connected it can be turned into a photo frame. It will display your favourite Facebook and Instagram photos. It will also give you birthday reminders and show you when friends are available to connect.

With Portal, you won’t have to worry about your data security and privacy as it has been created with keeping these things in mind. It allows you to disable the camera and microphone by a single tap or the sliding switch. Or you can use the integrated camera shutter to physically block the camera lens. It also allows you to lock the screen with a passcode to control access.

The devices are priced at affordable rates for the features it has to offer:

Portal Mini has an 8 inch HD display for $129. Available in two colours White and Black.

Portal has a 10 inch HD display for $179. Available in two colours White and Black.

Portal+ has a 15.6 inch HD display for $279. Available in two colours White and Black.

Portal TV can be used the biggest screen in your home for $149.

Buy Any 2 & Save $50

You can pick up a Portal directly from Facebook and try for 30 days without any worry. They also offer free shipping anywhere inside supported countries.

Portal is a must buy if you do a lot of video calling to your family living away or if you work from home. It’s also easy to use and connect as it syncs with your contacts from Facebook and Whatsapp. It’s going to be your companion throughout the quarantine period and beyond.

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