Check Out These 8 Clothing Subscription Boxes For Kids

Let’s be real shopping with kids is not an easy task, especially if it’s shopping for clothes for them. You’re bound to go back with no actual shopping completed, and a cranky baby in toe. How convenient would it be when you get the best of trends shopped just for your kids and sent every month right at your doorstep, without all the wailing and hair-pulling.

Yeah, I am sure you have already heard of this magic called Subscription Boxes for kids clothing. Thanks to these wonderful people your kids would have the current trends, high-end designer duds and even second-hand treasures in perfect conditions. No worries if your kids are in different age groups as these subscriptions cover something for newborns up to teens. All you have to do now is to choose the ones you prefer to form our list.

Top 8 Kids Clothing Subscription Boxes

1. FabKids

FabKids is a monthly clothing subscription for girls and boys from 2 years to right up to 16 years of age. You get to select outfits and shoes from their new collection every month with 40% off their retail prices. With FabKids you can choose what you get every month by taking their style quiz. When you choose the VIP membership you get up to 40% off, free returns and exchange, earn points for freestyles and cash rewards and no styling fees. As a VIP member, you can skip a month if you haven’t shopped by the 5th, they will let you credit the amount to your account which can be used later or saved.

The Subscription Box is priced at $39.95/month.

2. KidBox

KIDBOX delivers a box of handpicked name brand apparel and accessories seven times a year ( New Year, Spring, Summer, Summer Bonus, Back to School, Fall and Winter). All the boxes you receive would be season based for boys and girls right from a baby to 14 years of age. KIDBOX lets you skip a box or specify shipping date according to your convenience. Each of your boxes will have a FAB Finds which will be a piece of clothing trending that season. What more KIDBOX donates new clothes to children in need and have donated over 19 million in new clothing to date.

KIDBOX Subscription Boxes offers two types:

  • $98.00 KIDBOX which includes 8 items.
  • $68 BabyBox which includes 5 items.

It also offers Limited Edition Boxes and speciality add -on items that can be added to each box. The prices of these vary depending on the assortments.

3. Insolito Kids

Insolito Kids
Insolito Kids offers high quality affordable Italian clothing for boys and girls aged 2 yr to 16 yrs. Just take the style quiz and let them know about your kid’s style, and get the handpicked pieces by their stylist once every quarter. You get to select from fashion-forward Milan, Romantic Roma, street style Florence and relaxed and chic style from the Isle of Capri. Try out all that you get in your box for five days and pay for what you love, while returning the other pieces. They offer free shipping and returns.

You pay a $20 styling fee each month. Their clothing starts at $17 and upwards where the highest price range is $50- $100.

4. Relovable

Relovable allows you to swap gently used clothing while making sustainable choices when it comes to buying clothes for growing kids from newborns up to 5 years old. Relovable lets you choose how many times you should receive a box which contains 8-10 gently loved clothes matching your kid’s size and style. In addition, they send in a few books and toys. The boxes are hand delivered by Relovable team members directly at your doorstep. While drop off you can hand off any items your kid has outgrown, so they can pass it on.

The Subscription Box is priced at $24.99 per delivery.

5. Nike Adventure Club

Nike Adventure Club
Nike Adventure Club is a sneaker club for adventure kids where they deliver brand new Nike and Converse along with activities for kids to do. This allows parents to swap out a pair of sneakers, anytime or as often as you want at a monthly fee. They provide for sizes 4c to 7 years for boys and girls. All you to do is select a plan, pick up your Nike or Converse shoes of choice from their rotating selection of fresh styles, once you receive your box start with activities. The plus is they offer free shipping and exchanges.

Their Subscription Boxes are available in three variations

  • 4 pairs at $20/month.
  • 6 pairs at $30/month.
  • 12 pairs at $50/month.

6. Rockets of Awesome

Rockets of Awesome
Rockets of Awesome delivers a box of awesomeness for your kid every season. They offer to clothe designed in -house by a team of fashion veterans for boys and girls from sizes 2 -14. You can choose easy outfits, super soft clothing or lightweight jackets. All got to do is take their style quiz based on your child’s preference, approve the picks selected by their styling expert each season, once you get the box keep what you love and return the rest for free. It’s a no-commitment box which allows you to cancel or skip anytime you wish.

No subscription fee, shipping or return fee. Just pay for $20 styling fee for each season’s box. Each box contains 8 items with each items ranging from $19 – $39. You pay for what you love and keep.

7. Girl -a- Tude

Girl A Tude
Girl -a- Tude subscription box for your girl to help her promote self-confidence and empower her. Each month you girl get a box with a special empowering theme which is hand prepared. The boxes are age-appropriate and have a T-shirt, a fun gift and a special not all keeping the theme in mind. These awesome boxes are available for girls aged from 2 yrs to 13 years.

Their Subscription Boxes can be ordered on a monthly, three month, six months or twelve-month plan.

  • Month to month at $17.99.
  • Three Month Prepay at $52.99.
  • Six months Prepay at $104.99.
  • Twelve months Prepay at $207.99.

8. The Collective Child

The Collective Child
The Collective Child for you fashion loving parents or create a fashion-loving child. Get the best of brands from around the world exclusively curated for your child by their styling experts. Each box contains designer brands and emerging brands which gives your kids unique clothing options. Share your style preferences, size and budget and receive a curated collection of clothes, shoes and accessories. Keep what you love and return the rest. You can choose to receive a box once a month, once a quarter or upon request through your profile.

The Subscription Box is priced at $20 membership fee per box, which can be applied towards a purchase of over $20. Their items are priced from $12 – $300.

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