Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday Deals

Below is the Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday Deals of the previous year. This year’s deals will be posted soon, till then you can try the below deals which may work!!

The two biggest shopping days of the year are almost here. To get a maximum discount plan ahead and strategize your shopping accordingly. As both days have different discounts on product categories it’s best to plan ahead. To make sure you get the maximum benefit while shopping this season we have listed our recommendations for the best day to buy particular products from your shopping list.

Black Friday for the longest time was about shopping from brick-and-mortar stores, while Cyber Monday is all about shopping online from the comfort of your home. While the first still draws millions of shoppers to physical stores every year with retailers offering special in-store discounts, the latter attracts shoppers by offering exclusive online discounts. Having said that both have amazing discounts that can’t be missed right before the gifting season begins.

What To Buy On Black Friday?

Here is the list of products that you can buy as soon as the Black Friday Sale starts. It is best not to wait until Friday, hoping deals will get better as retailers tend to start their online Black Friday deals a week ahead of Thanksgiving and run them until they sell out.

1. TVs

9.7/10 Our Score

Save up to 50%                   

  • 4K or Ultra HD.
  • Immersive and crisp Audio surround sound.
  • Enjoy streaming your favorite movies and TV episodes.
  • Multiple modes for convenience.
  • With Google Assistant or Alexa.

It’s the best time to buy TVs at the lowest prices of the year with deals starting the week of Thanksgiving. You can get the best deals on 4K TVs with prizes pulled down on all models. While Black Friday is about doorbuster deals you will find amazing deals on all brands of TVs.

2. Toys

9.6/10 Our Score

Save up to 40%                   

  • Gabby’s Doll’s house for girls.
  • Barbie camper dream.
  • Barbie Dreamhouse.
  • Paw Petrol Big trucks.
  • Hot Wheels Monster trucks.

Toys are one of the sort-after products that people buy during Black Friday. So when you see something you have your eyes set on as soon as the Black Friday Sale kicks add it to your cart right away. If your list contains a lot of toys it’s best to start shopping at least the Monday before Thanksgiving. If you are not sure which toys to buy this season do check out retailers’ toy lists which often comprise the best toys from the season.

3. Appliances

9.8/10 Our Score

Save up to 50%                   

  • Refrigerators.
  • Washers.
  • Dishwashers.
  • Dryers.
  • Freezers.

Buying a home appliance is generally a planned buy, so plan ahead as most of the home improvement retailers offer discounts during Black Friday. It’s best to plan and research ahead of time when it comes to appliances come Black Friday so you are ready to start shopping.

4. Gaming Consloes

Gaming Consoles
9.8/10 Our Score

Save up to 34%                   

  • Available for Playstation, Xbox, and PC.
  • Also available for Nintendo Switch and Luna.
  • All popular categories include action, sports, adventure, and sports.
  • Multiple editions of each game.
  • All popular High end games

One of the most sort after gifting options and are often on heavy discounts during the Black Friday Sale. If you are looking for the most popular consoles or the newest system you would want to start shopping before Black Friday rather than waiting for a few days as they sell out faster.

It’s a bit difficult to find steep deals on Playstations as they are always in high demand. Don’t expect to get high discounts on them rather get new consoles or new games. In case you do find a deal on PlayStation or Xbox models snatch it right away.

5. Footwear

9.5/10 Our Score

Save up to 40%                   

  • Lightweight comfortable loafers.
  • Unisex Men’s and women’s clogs.
  • Men’s and Women’s Running Shoes.
  • Wonderful and sturdy Boots.
  • Unisex Jogging sneakers.

If your new year resolution is to take fitness seriously, then plan to buy footwear during Black Friday Sale. Do check out the athletic footwear brands to snatch some amazing deals on sneakers. You might get the best deals and the lowest prices.

What to Buy On Cyber Monday?

Here are the list of products that you can buy during the Cyber Monday Sale. Cyber Monday Sale typically starts on the Saturday or Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend. They are also called a Cyber Weekend sale.

1. Laptop/PCs

9.5/10 Our Score

Save up to 35%                   

  • Laptop and Pcs of all major Brands.
  • 15.6-inch Notebooks to 11-inch compact Chromebooks.
  • 24-inch All in one PCs.
  • With Intel Celeron core i3, i5, and i7 Processors.
  • For Gaming, Business, and Home purposes.

As the name suggests Cyber Monday deals are mostly tech deals which include laptops, PCs, desktops, and gaming PCs. You can also find deals on accessories like external storage, memory cards, keyboards, headphones, earbuds and cables.

2. Travel

9.5/10 Our Score

Save up to 40%                   

  • Book one-star to Five-star Hotels.
  • Flight Booking.
  • Cruise Booking.
  • Cab Booking.
  • A diverse range of tour Packages.

Now that travel is back on the agenda check out all the deals that you can snag. Cyber Monday is followed by Travel Tuesday which is the best time to find travel deals online. The deals can be found on hotels, airline tickets, flight packages, cruise ships, and more.

3. Clothing

9.6/10 Our Score

Save up to 40%                   

  • Full Family Pajamas.
  • Cozy PJs.
  • Comfy Playful Jackets.
  • Colorful Shirts.
  • Bold Jeans and trousers.

It’s probably the last item on your list to shop during Cyber Weekend Sale, but you would be surprised by the deep discounts you would find on clothing deals. There can be sitewide sales during, clothing deals and more. If you have something that you have had your eye on for a long time just wait until the Cyber Monday sale to finally get it.

4. Online Subscriptions

Online Subscriptions
9.6/10 Our Score

Save up to 30%                   

  • Disney plus Subscriptions.
  • Watch Peacock Premium.
  • Unlock Audible.
  • Access the Kindle store.
  • Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Try out all the online subscriptions that you were looking forward to with big discounts on their subscription. The online subscriptions that you can get a discount on are Disney+, Peacock Premium, and Audible. You can also get discounted Rosetta Stone or Master Class Membership.

What To buy on Both Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

1. Phones

Day Ratings
50% OFF

Black Friday

  • Includes all the major brands
  • Compatible With the latest 5G Network
  • With latest Android and ios
  • Stunning hardware and features
Shop on Amazon
30% OFF

Cyber Monday

  • Samsung, Motorola, Apple and Other popular Brands
  • With powerhouse Batteries
  • Stunning cameras to capture photos
  • More RAM for multitasking
Buy on Walmart

Be ready to finally get the latest phone models over the weekend. You can find BOGO deals offered by carriers or retail gift cards with purchase deals, you can choose the one which suits your requirement the best.

2. Smart Home Devices

Day Ratings
35% OFF

Black Friday

  • Smart Doorbells
  • Wireless Night vision cameras
  • Smart Echo Dot
  • Echo Show with Alexa
Buy on Amazon
40% OFF

Cyber Monday

  • Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen
  • Google smart TV Kit
  • Google Nest Chromecast
  • GE Wifi Enalbled Smart LED lights
Buy on Walmart

If you have been looking to buy Amazon Echo or Google Home or any smart home devices look out for the best deals during the Thanksgiving weekend. Most of the deals on smart home devices, smart lights, smart thermostats, doorbells can be found on Black Friday that continue through the weekend until Cyber Monday.

Things to buy near or after Christmas

1. Smart Home Devices

9.2/10 Our Score

Save up to 30%                   

  • Bamboo Cheese Boards and Knife sets.
  • Multi-tier Cabinet organizers.
  • Airtight Food Storage Containers.
  • Kitchen Utensil Set.
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth.

If you are a last-minute shopper or just want to wait for the final deals there are plenty of saving options that you can find on Christmas day or even after.

2. Holiday Décor

Home Decor
9.3/10 Our Score

Save up to 20%                   

  • Holiday Time Brown Sitting Resin Deer Tabletop.
  • Multicolor miniature wood village tabletop.
  • Beautiful Flocked Pot Christmas tree.
  • Ceramic Santa Tabletop.
  • Madison Pine Artificial Christmas tree.

Shopping for holiday décor after the holiday is over might not make much sense but believe us that’s the time you find the best deals. You can find lights, ornaments, wrapping paper, seasonal items, and more at 50% off or more. Take advantage and stock up for next year.

3. Toys and games

Toys and Games
9.5/10 Our Score

Save up to 15%                   

  • Building Toys and Blocks.
  • Art and Craft items.
  • Collectible Toys.
  • Beautiful Dolls.
  • Remote toy vehicles.

As retailers want to get rid of the leftover toys and games you will find even more discounts on them. These make great stocking stuffers or last-minute gifts or birthday gifts for early next year’s birthdays.

Hurry up, fill your carts with these huge discounted products today!!

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