10 Best Creative Subscription Boxes For Kids Under 12

Most of the children are staying at home because of Corona quarantine. Parents need to find some ways for kids to keep them busy and learn while staying at home. Here are some activity box subscriptions that kids love and help them to enrich science. It will be exciting for the kids to receive a box and learn new creative stuff.

1. Caterjoy Genius Box

caterjoy-genius-boxEach Genius box explores a different STEM topic. It contains three exciting activities for kids to gain knowledge of problem-solving. All the materials in the Genius box will increase curiosity and passion towards science, technology, engineering and maths in the Fun way to kids.

Get this from Cratejoy at $26.00/month

2. Spangler Science Club

spangler-science-clubSpangler Science Club will provide a kit with science activities that are fun to make every month. This box comes with a pack of science fair project ideas of three levels.

Get this from Cratejoy starting form $18.33/month.

3. Club Scikidz Labs

Club Scikidz Labs will provide a kit with engaging and fun career-related science kits each month of STEM-based hands-on activities, experiments, and projects that will help kids to explore the science and technology experiments.

Get this from Cratejoy at $28.95/month.

4. Creation Crate

Creation-CrateCreation Crate helps you to learn how to build and program electronics with monthly courses delivered to your door. It will provide all the needed components to make the project and an online course for guidance. With this, kids will learn electronics, Coding(C++), Circuitry, Engineering and Critical thinking.
Get this from Cratejoy Starting from $29.99/month.

5. Bitsbox

bits-boxBitsbox is a subscription box that teaches kids how to code. It will deliver coding projects that teach kids to make video games, greeting cards, simulations and more. New projects arrive every month with a new science computer project.

Get this from Cratejoy Starting from $24.95/month.

6. Matter

matter Matter is the subscription box for curious minds, and it will send a collection of materials, objects, specimens, or artefacts that are carefully selected as some of the most exciting pieces of matter in our universe.

Get this from Cratejoy at $34.98/month.

7. We Craft Box

we-craft-boxWe Craft Box provides materials inside that are complete creative to prepare some crafts. The materials in the box can be shared between 2 children with three or more crafts that are easy to follow the photo directions.

Get this from Cratejoy at $25.00/month.

8. STEM Book Club

stem-clubSTEM Book Club is the subscription box that helps the kids to develop an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths. These books will introduce STEM concepts in a fun and relatable way.

Get this from Cratejoy at $23.99/month.

9. Kiwico

kiwicoKiwico is providing subscription boxes to all age groups 0-104 with different categories like Games, Science Projects, Creative problem solvers, Arts & Crafts. With these kids will enjoy doing the projects and play with them. It is fun, easy, and delightful for families to spend time building and creating together.

Starts from $14.95 from Kiwico

10. Green Kid Crafts

Green-Kid-CraftsGreen Kid Crafts provides upto six science & art kits, Quality materials, 12-page activity magazine, Achievement Badges with a subscription box. It will have Science and craft, Environmental Activity, Stem Learning, Intro to electricity and superhero costumes.

The Price Starts at $13.95 from Green Kid Crafts

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